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Connecting staff, residents & family in senior housing

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Cubigo connects community staff, residents and family members to digitize the common functions within senior living communities including: dining, maintenance, transportation, communication and activities. We improve workflows, digitize processes and lower operating costs.

Our Solution

Cubigo offers an easy-to- use, personal platform with Cubes™ to solve every day staff, resident, and family challenges in senior living. Our solutions for staff efficiency, digital signage, and resident/family engagement drive quality care, lower operating costs, increased occupancy rates, customer satisfaction, and opens new revenue channels.

As senior housing communities expand beyond the walls of campuses, Cubigo connects seniors to local senior living communities’ services and offerings. This attracts potential residents to drive occupancy rates and allows seniors to stay longer in their own home when resources are limited.

For whom

Senior Living Providers

Cubigo is made for the communities that provide care to those at home or in apartments. Our unique and easy-to- use solution empowers staff to work efficiently and for residents to make their own decisions.

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We provide direct access and follow up for residents to comfort and care services such as; meals, activities, maintenance, and transportation. Residents also engage socially through messaging, digital signage, and news feed functions.

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As a family member, Cubigo helps you to organize your loved ones’ care, gives you easy access and insights to services within their community, and keeps you in touch with their life… Even when you are miles away.

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Cubigo provides residents with easy access to community services. Easy and open communication is guaranteed via activity calendars and event notifications, as well as messages and news feeds.

  • Provide digital entertainment, food, utility and health services to all residents
  • Modular applications – which we call Cubes™ - can be added to the resident's home screen, based on the community's offering, needs and desires
  • A user interface and experience that scales with a consumer’s technical expertise, such that it serves non-technical residents and more tech-savvy staff and caretakers alike

Why Cubigo

It's all about you!

Cubigo brings reliable information and useful applications together in one simple screen. Gain control of your care and life. We enable you to stay healthy, comfortable and independent.


In the future, we will have to take more responsibility for our own care. Cubigo offers you the tools to arrange your own care. Together, we bring on the healthcare of the future!


Collaboration and integration are key. We offer an open protocol (API) and integrate a variety of providers' APIs to seamlessly extend their services into one reliable solution. Contact us for more info.


Everyone can use Cubigo. It's simple, clear and you can't do anything wrong. You decide what your needs are and what’s important for you!


Your information is safe with us. We handle your privacy with care and protect your personal data in strict compliance with the law. We'll never use your personal information for commercial purposes.

Endless availability

Cubigo is available wherever you are, on whatever device you use (laptop, tablet, smartphone...) The only thing you need is an internet connection.



The heart of our product is a responsive webportal which allows staff, residents and family to connect through any device at hand.


Requests generated by residents and family can be handled and tracked in the Cubigo backoffice which will make your community run like clockwork.


Mobile users can download native applications to get live notifications on their devices.


Each community is different so Cubigo allows each community to setup their own Cubes™ and information around each and every service.


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Working with the biggest

2 January 2017 | News Video

Together with Brookdale, the biggest Senior Care Provider in the US, Cubigo has set up a unique co-creation program in order to enable the residence and his inhabitants with innovative technology.

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Project Manager – Client Engagement & Implementation

If you enjoy rolling up your sleeves, working multiple exciting transformational projects and thrive in ambiguity, you will create success for the client, yourself and the firm while being in the forefront of an industry in change. Learn more (.PDF) >> 


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    ABC6 News made a reportage about Cubigo and how Ohio Living adopted technology in their everyday life. Cubigo became a great example of empowerment of seniors through technology.

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    Together with Brookdale, the biggest Senior Care Provider in the US, Cubigo has set up a unique co-creation program in order to enable the residence and his inhabitants with innovative technology.

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